OUCC Proceedings 12 (1986)

Expedition Personnel, 1984-86

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"The Yellow Van Speleos"

Mike "Ario path" Berners-Lee 84
Paul "I want the caving world to take me seriously" Brennan 85, 86(Ta)
Ursula '" believe I'll have another one of those" Collie 84, 85(S), 86
Jonathon "I'd rather have a bunch of flowers" Cooper 86
Paul "I packed a plastic sack" Cooper 86(M)
Silvia "Rabbit rabbit" Dacre 84
Steve "Radio Star" Davies 85
Nicola "M.S. & D." Dollimore 84,85(Tr)
Phil "Hang it free" Duncan 84,85,86
Stephen "Hydrogeologist" Gale 84(L),85
Duncan "Are Mornflakes rationed?" Gilchrist 85,86(S)
Richard "Dr. Feelgood" Gregson 84(M),85,86(M)
Sara "Who needs to eat in such a beautiful cave" Gregson 84,85(M)
Martin "Stereo pair" Hicks 84,85
Sean "No sex please, I'm having a cup of tea" Hodges 84,85
Geoff "I like it dangling round my ankles" Hogan 85,86
Dave "I know the technique of firewalking" Horsley 84,85(Ta),86(Tr)
Ian "Re-rigger" Houghton 84(E),85,86
Jan "Trouble is, I'm up here" Huning 84
John "Be nice to the cows, they are my friends" Hutchinson 84(Tr),85(Sc),86
Steve "Pity there are no hard caves in England" Mayers 85,86
Dan "I'm all right!" Mace 86
Neil "80%" McHugh 86
Martin "Man Mountain" May 85,86(L)
Mike "Shall we take a lighter?" Mead 86
Chris "Oh! It's the pitch head!" Morris 84
Margot "Just going downhill to tire him out" Morris 85
Graham "........." Naylor 84,86
Gerhard "Well-ordered in the strict mathematical sense" Niklasch 85,86
Andy "Ethical" Riley 84,86
Sue "I'd rather have it off, actually" Robiette 85
Steve "Stand by your Van" Roberts 84(Ta),85(L),86
Dave "We Roses have large willies" Rose 84,85,86
Phil "We Roses have small willies" Rose 84(S),85,86
Phil "Someone's stolen my wetsocks" Sargent 84,85
William "Beaky" Stead 85
Roy "I'm not paying seven pounds for a bit of rope!" Taylor 86
Jon "Hacker" Tombs 86
Iestyn Walters, "The Great Waldo" 84,85
Marcus "Oh, yes, good" Wandinger 86
Fred "People always take advantage of me when I lie down" Wickham 84,85,86
John "Fort" Wilcock 85,86
Hilary "Matron" Winchester 84,85

Credit must also go to our strong supporting cast of : Blas, Julia, Eduardo, Leslie, Netty, Paula, Franzjorg, Ma˝uel, Carles and
last but not least, the singing pastor.

(L = leader, S = secretary, Tr = treasurer, Ta = tacklemaster, E = equipment officer, M = medic, Sc= science officer)