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Dave Horsley

It has been over four years since Proc. 12 was published, one of the longest gaps in publication of this occasional journal. The reason for this delay has been our wish that this issue would include the completed explorations of Pozu del Ojo de la Bruja (2/7). This has not proved to be possible and exploration in 2/7 continues in 1991.

At the end of the 1986 expedition to Spain all the going caves had been bottomed and the 1987 expedition was left wondering if anything worthwhile would be found. However, what started as a prospecting expedition found and explored, to a depth of over 600m, Pozu del Ojo de la Bruja. The exporation of this large and impressive system has occupied the club since 1987 and still holds out the possibility of a very deep and extensive cave system.

In addition to our annual Spanish Expedition members of the club have been active in Britain and around the world. Members have been involved in expeditions to China, Sulawesi and Kenya and there have been trips to Poland and the USA. Also, for the first time in a number of years, the club has been active (and successful) in exploration in Britain. This issue reports on major extensions to Brownhill Pot in Yorkshire and Dallimores Cave in the Mendips, and minor finds at a variety of other sites.

The editors would like to thank Ron Rule at R&R Press for his help and advice in printing this journal and David Monaghan for printing the photographs.

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