OUCC Proceedings 13 (1991)

Exploration in Britain

Knacker Trapper & Rift Pot - Allotment

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Knacker Trapper - Ingleborough (NGR SD 745 672)

In November 1990 Mark Bown, Sherry Mayo and Graham Naylor investigated the unentered "Main Inlet" in Knacker Trapper cave [NCC Journal, 1989]. The aven was climbed by bolting up the left hand wall to a height of approximately 12m. It was evident that without significant work the passage at the top of the aven, from where the stream comes, was too tight to enter.

Mark Bown

Rift Pot - Allotment (NGR SD 761 729)

On the 15th June 1991 Mark Bown, Tim Guilford and Sherry Mayo descended Rift Pot with the intention of investigating the bedding plane outlet of the final chamber in the '68 Pitches, on the suggestion of Dave Checkley. The first pitch and gulley pitch were bypassed via a rift climb entered from the chamber below the crawl to the first pitch of the '68 Pitches. The bypass was located at the bottom of the chamber 2m up the left hand wall. This was followed downward to the terminal chamber. The bedding plane was followed for 10m to a tight corner and a pitch. This was descended with the aid of a hand line tied to stal back in the chamber. A 10ft drop was followed by a further 7ft drop to a silt floored chamber. The only exit was a tight bedding with a silt sump. There was no air circulation and no prospect of continuation. Other sites were dug in the floor on exiting, but nothing was found.

Mark Bown