Beneath the Mountains

Exploring the deep caves of Asturias

David Rose and Richard Gregson

Beneath the Mountains

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Where can I get a copy?

"Beneath the Mountains" was published by Hodder & Stoughton, UK, in 1987. The initial print run ran out (so we thought) some time ago. Accordingly, Oxford University Cave Club, which always held the copyright, reclaimed the right to publish from Hodder, and the text was re-typed in. Just before we got down to spending money on a reprint, Hodder found 1500 copies in a storeroom... They were bought by Cordee and are now on sale at 7 pounds 95p from most UK caving shops.

The text here on WWW is provided so as not to have wasted the time Michelle spent typing it all in, and also to act as a bit of publicity for the book and OUCC. If you want a copy - hardback, with a selection (a rather eccentric selection - Hodder chose them, not us) of colour pictures, then you can get them from:

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