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OUCC News 9th February 2011

Volume 21, Number 2

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Editor: Andrew Morgan

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New Year at Bull Pot Farm

Fleur Loveridge

What do you mean you weren't there? Well, you missed out. It was everything I have come to expect from the Farm. There was snow, there was pushing cars up hill in the snow, pushing cars out of ditches, pushing cars out of walls. There was fine dining (pan-fulls of brandy lit in the fire for real flaming puddings), fine wines, ales, mulled wine, mulled cider and ports (and of course the 5am shelf). There were fireworks, dent-a-can and bottle top wars. There was the now customary and beautiful rendition of Silent Night accompanied by pans and wooden spoons at 4am. And of course there was caving, and in Gavel, Aquamole, Easegill, Notts II and Juniper Gulf

I saw some of the finest shafts and finest streamway in the country, all in the company of good friends old and new from OUCC, NPC, Durham, Cambridge, Bristol and the Red Rose. Then there was Nick Edwards's repeated attempts to join Spackheads CC (I think we will let him in) and Pete Devlin's pathetic attempt on the lemming (sorry Pete, but I think you must be underground for it to count; walking back across the fell just isn't up to the standard, unless of course you are really creative about it like Lev). And so another year came to a close and a new one started, as ever, with Rosa's birthday. Dawn came and went and the same faces occupied the same chairs by the fire in what was the members' kitchen.

Time passes, but the Farm will always be the Farm.