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OUCC News 11th May 2011

Volume 21, Number 3

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Editor: Andrew Morgan

Twelve Lessons from the Rescue Weekend

Fleur Loveridge

  1. Cooking is more dangerous than caving
  2. Cider is probably more dangerous than cooking
  3. You really need 10 people for a stretcher party
  4. How to tie a releasable deviation for a haul line
  5. Vicky makes a good turtle
  6. It is sensible to take both a light and a waterproof for walking back from the Hunters
  7. It is harder to operate a Petzl stop the further away it is from your body
  8. Therefore, everyone should be carrying two spare oval karabiners and a pulley in addition to the standard SRT stuff
  9. That Mike doesn't have an arse
  10. Have an awareness of the kit used by different members of your team
  11. The Polish words for bowline and rebelay (but I think I have forgotten them again now)
  12. That, after all, I can save someone who is stuck on their jammers, even if they are, how shall I put this, of greater mass than myself.

OK, so I knew some of these things already, but am just trying to share the love. Thanks to Gavin and Tony for leading the training on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Thanks to Vicky for helping with the organising, Oliwia for braving the stretcher and to everyone else for carrying her. And finally thanks to Wessex CC for use of their SRT tower.