Depth through thought

OUCC News 25th May 2011

Volume 21, Number 4

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Editor: Andrew Morgan

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Fifteen Years

Fleur Loveridge

Otter Hole
Fifteen years
Worth the waiting
The entrance passages
As I remembered

Very very squalid
But this time, the sump
An ankle deep stream
Trying vainly to run clear
In the estuarine slime

Thru boulder chokes
Streamway, squeezes, climbs
Stopping only to scrub suits
Before the upper series

The secrets disclosed
First delicate straws then
Magnificent high curtains
Stupendous huge stal bosses
At least thirty of them

Beyond camp
It just gets better
Fantastic gours, crystal pools
Untouched mud we taped and
Calcite flows we cleaned

Back, minimise impact
Tired bodies move, slither
Through the earth and water
Will I be fit enough still
In another fifteen years?