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Since much OUCC communication is now by fairly ephemeral means: emails, Facebook posts, texts, etc., here are some of the more memorable ones.

Jack Williams

email 01/12/15

Twas the week after Oxmas, and all through the club
Not a creature was caving: they were all at the pub.
The furries were hung in the clubhut with care
In the hope that they'd dry, in the cold winter air.

The freshers were tipsy, all drunk on their beer
While tables were traversed - it's all in good cheer.
And Si with his flapjacks, and Tom with his maps,
had addled our brains with a long winter's chat.

When out on the Bod there arose such a clatter
It stopped all our drinking - it stopped all our natter.
Outside of the King's Arms we stood, gaped in awe,
We'd been there since
8.30, and now it was 4!

The streetlamps around us were flickering now
Not one could work out - not one could think how -
We looked up above us, and what should we see?
A mistaken caver, trying to learn SRT!

With a little old ladder, a jammer and stop,
He'd climbed up our lib'ry, right up to the top.
More rapid than Titan, he abseiled back down
He whistled and shouted: "What a night on the town!

"Now Cwm Dwr! Now Daren!
Now O-F-D 1!
On, Swildon's! On, GB!
On Swinsto-Simpson!
To the sumps in the wet!
To the pitch in the dark!
Now cave away! Cave away!

Cave away all!"

As cavers that out of resurgences crawl,
'Pon reaching the light do stumble and fall
So down from the Bod's steps our hero he went,
He'd drank too much beer (the money he spent!)

He sprang to his feet, to the gang gave a smile,
And we checked him for 'cussion (he'd been out for a while).
But we heard him exclaim, 'ere he blacked out for the night,
"Happy caving to all, and to all a good-night!"