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2011 Varsity Caving Match

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Two Universities, both alike in dignity,
In fair Oxford, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where caving mud makes cavers' hands unclean.

From forth the fatal colleges of these two foes,
A match of star-cross'd cavers is brought to life;
Whose adventures henceforth overthrown,
Do with their games bury their alumni's strife.

It has been written, and so it shall come to pass, that the ancient institutions of learning, shall engage in a glorious battle, that they shall fight in the name of honour, glory, and free beers, to be named: VARSITY CAVING CHAMPIONS *trumpet fanfare*

At the end of fifth week (10-12th November) we go to war with the enemy, with the adversaries, with the Tabs. Our caving social with Cambridge University Caving Club (CUCC) shall be a time of horror and bloodshed, of ruthless squeezing and turbulent traverse. We shall destroy them as we ourselves get destroyed (by beer, not them). Then we might reconcile our differences. But only after we beat them.

The epic, and frankly awesome, plan for the weekend is as follows:

This is, as you may have gathered, a hell of a weekend. It is essentially a Oxford-Cambridge crawl involving much eating, drinking and being merry. We will also slaughter them in our caving games cave off (and then declare peace in the smug knowledge of our superiority).

Because we need an indication of numbers before we can start planning things for certain I need to know who wants to come, and thinks that they probably will.

There are essentially three options for joining in the weekend:

  1. Come for the whole weekend because you are amazing: The cost for the whole weekend should be between 45-50. This includes all food and transport and accommodation.
  2. Come for everything but the St Anne's Friday night formal: There is the option of not going to St Anne's formal, which would bring the cost down to between 35-40, so about ten pounds cheaper. If you skipped the meal, you still can come to Tim's house afterwards and join in although you will be forced to catch up on drinking. The rest all stays the same.
  3. Only come for the Oxford bit: If you just want to come to the Oxford side of things you can come on Friday night and only drop in for the fun and games. This would be free although if you want to stay over and eat with us in the morning, it might be a couple of quid to cover breakfast.

So if you are interested and think you will be able to make it, reply to me by Sunday noon telling me you want to come, and which option you would probably take. This is not binding, I just need an indication of numbers so I can book things. I'll confirm with everyone that they want to come on Monday or Tuesday, and if you confirm then you will be committed to going. Because this isn't a normal trip and we have to book meals and buses in advance we'll probably need a small deposit but otherwise it will operate like most club weekends.

It is vital for the good name of OUCC that we crush the hated Tabs in a (friendly) fake-caving match! Although we cannot compete in the real underground arena for fear of death, or worse, making Sports Fed angry, we shall draw our lines above ground, assemble our troops, and body-traverse, squeeze-machine, beer-can-stand, and pot-tower-build, to the death (or until we get bored)!

If you have yet to experience real caving, you are still more than welcome to come, and there will be a social (now in fifth week rather than fourth) on a Wednesday to learn, or refresh caving game skills! In the meantime, endeavour to devise your strategies and strengths for the challenges ahead.

With love like the fiery passion of war,

General Vicky ~X~

Director in Chief of Social Stuff