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A few more pictures added recently; needs tidying though.. Steve.

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Pictures from 2020
Presvite 2015 Group websize.jpg (252998 bytes)
"The President's Invite"
October 2015
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"The President's Invite"
October 2014

"The President's Invite"
October 2012

"The President's Invite"
October 2011
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"The President's Invite"
September 2010
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"The President's Invite":
September 2009
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"The President's Invite":
September 2008

OUCC 50th anniversary
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"The President's Invite":
September 2007

"The President's Invite":
September 2006

"The President's Invite":
September 2005

"The President's Invite":
September 2004

"The President's Invite":
September 2003

"The President's Invite":
October 2002

"The President's Invite":
September 1997.

40 years of OUCC caving!

Daren Cilau, South Wales.

Ogof Draenen - Pictures
Mendip 1958 Group 2.jpg (87342 bytes)
OUCC 50th Anniversary:
 1957 - 2007

Steve Roberts in Giant's Hole, 1979


William Stead in Pippikin Pot, 1983
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Jim Sheppard in Alum Pot
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Jim Sheppard in Bar Pot
cowpot.jpg (151151 bytes)
Jim Sheppard in Cow Pot
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Jim Sheppard in Flood Entrance Pot
gg.jpg (100180 bytes)
Jim Sheppard et al. in Gaping Gill
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Jim Sheppard in Nick Pot
swildonsDT.jpg (112331 bytes)
Jim Sheppard in Swildon's Hole
duke_street_2_800.jpg (118684 bytes)
Duke Street 2

Steve Roberts diving in Dower Bridge rising, Co. Cork, 1994

Peter Devlin diving in Bull Pot of the Witches, May 2006.
roberts_ofd_stream_600.jpg (121773 bytes)
Steve Roberts in the OFD streamway, October 2007

1982 OUCC Dinner

Steve Roberts abseiling off Malham Cove, 1983.

Steve Roberts about to drop test a rope- personally, 1987
lemming.jpg (25061 bytes)
The Lemming award, 1985
urs at malham.jpg (134442 bytes)
Ursula Collie at Malham Cove, 1985
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Richard Gregson at Noone's Hole, 1985
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Group at Marble Arch Caves, 1985
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Steve Roberts in Noone's Hole, 1985
urs-noones.jpg (122455 bytes)
Ursula Collie in Noone's Hole, 1985
gaping gill 2.jpg (156005 bytes)
Gaping Gill, 1985
gaping gill1.jpg (119106 bytes)
Gaping Gill, 1985
gavin after dallimores_s.jpg (73456 bytes)
Gavin Lowe after Dallimore's, 1990

Joanne Whistler Red-nosing, 1999.

Teething Krab, 1999

Chris Densham in the Chair's Hat., 2002.

Cartoon by Sherry Mayo

Poster by Tom Houghton

Poster by Tom Houghton
no_harness_800.jpg (100546 bytes)
No Harness by Katie Roberts