OUCC Proceedings 6 (1974)

Edited by Neil Boulton


(Print) ISSN 1759-0132: (Online) ISSN 1759-0140

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Introductory Editorial; Introduction; Personnel; The Expedition
Caves Explored Cueva la Boriza
Torca La Manga
Torca Los Corniceros
Cueva Laneveru
Cueva La Borbolla
El Cuevon de la Pruneda (Cueva de Puron)
Smaller Caves Explored Nacimiento de Cortines, Cueva del Castro, Cueva el Bosque, Arroyo Bolugas
Cave Diving
De Flumine Fluorescente The Trials of Testing
Surveys and Maps  
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Many thanks to Bill Collis  for scanning and re-editing the text.