Oxford University Cave Club

Proceedings 10 : 1980-1981

"Pozu del Xitu"

edited by John Singleton

all parts Oxford University Cave Club: (Print) ISSN 1759-0132: (Online) ISSN 1759-0140

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The cartoons are by Kev and Eduardo.


Small Xitu Survey, by Martin Laverty and John Singleton.
A large Xitu Survey ( A0 Size ) is folded inside the back cover.
Surveys of 2/5, 8/5, 12/5, 2/7 and 3/9 by William Stead, Sean Heaver and John Singleton are included in the "Smaller caves around Ario" article.
Surveys of Geological Features by Kev Senior are included in the geology article


Sketch maps of Main Expedition Areas by Helen Kay and William Stead.
A Map of Area 5 surveyed by Al Cousins and drawn by George Hostford is folded inside the back cover.
A Map of the Expedition Area showing important large caves is included on the A0 Xitu survey.

NB A Recent Government Survey has revealed inaccuracies in the spot heights given on present Spanish maps. The only map with correct contours is the map of area 5 by Al as it was surveyed with respect to a triangulation point of the new Government Survey. The contours on the other maps give good relative heights : the correct heights on these maps may be found by taking the altitude of Xitu Entrance as 1652m above sea level.

[1997]: Many thanks to Dave Lacey, who retyped all of this!