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OUCC News 8th February 1995

Volume 5, Number 5

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Over the page (or here for WWW readers) is another attempt at entry into the 20th Century. Thanks to Steve Roberts for coaxing me into this little production, a picture of helictite trees in the Crystal Inlet in Daren Ciliau.

Posh Dinner

The OUCC Annual Posh Nosh (Black Neoprene Bow Tie and Fingernails) will be held on Friday 10th March (end of 8th week) in St. Cross College. Numbers are limited, (to about 26) so apply now. It won't be cheap, I'm sorry to say (about 25 pounds), but it will be GOOD. Veggies are well catered for. Potential posh-noshers please note - do not stand on tables and set fire to things. It upsets the Bursar.
Steve Roberts

Ascent of Asgard

Noel Craine and Paul Pritchard will be giving a slide show and talk about their extraordinary ascent of Asgard in the Arctic circle, on Thursday 9th March, 8pm, in New College. 3 pounds on the door. For those of you who don't know Noel, he's a climber who enjoyed a bolting trip with me down Carno - that sort of person.
Tim Guilford

Easter '95: Ireland

Following on from last years highly successful trip to the Vercors, this Easter OUCC will be travelling to the green lands of Northern Ireland. We will be going for about a week which will give us a chance to visit some of the finest caves of the Fermanagh region. If you're planning to come on expedition this summer, and haven't been on expedition before, then caving in Ireland will give you a perfect opportunity to practice your SRT. Fermanagh contains a major karst region, right against the Border with Southern Ireland, along the stunning hills SW of Enniskillen. There are several fine stream caves including Reyfad Pot (100m entrance shaft), Pollaraftra and the superb Marble Arch cave. Tha Claddagh Glen has a number of large stream passages, mostly entered from the resurgence for those who prefer ladders. The best way of getting ourselves and our gear across will almost certainly be to drive. The cost is fairly dependent on numbers but I would reckon on about 150 pounds (bargain I say). Exact dates and accommodation haven't been arranged yet so if you're interested PLEASE get in touch with either Urs or myself asap (tel: (0865)723057)). A firm commitment will be needed fairly soon. It should be brill. Guinness and genius and mile after mile of passages, formations and pints of Murphys----heaven.
James Hooper.

The Undiscovered Draenen

You may be interested to learn the following hot press news about Ogof Draenen. Bill Gascoine informed me by phone yesterday that there are now positive dye traces from Ogof Draenen to the two risings at Snatchwood Bridge (100 hours, dye seen at the resurgence despite the long flow-through time) and Pontnewynydd (104 hours). This gives a predicted length of passage of c. 20Km. Bill thinks that Ogof Draenen is only a tributary system, since it takes only a trickle in summer, while the flow at Snatchwood and Pontnewynydd is constant and large. This is proof positive that Ogof Draenen does enter the Eastern Valley Phreas, as predicted, and there are clearly large passages yet to be entered when the main Eastern Valley Phreas master cave is met, carrying water from Llangattwg and Pwll y Cwm.
John Wilcox

No Novices in GB

There were indeed no novices in GB this weekend, just several excellent relative newcomers to the underground (Ruth, Amber, Sarah, Ildi, Catherine). Once we had finally located enough lights (we had to hire 6 from JRat), enough keys, and enough functioning cells in Steve Roberts' brain, we stormed down GB by a number of routes. Devil's elbow was wet, making it good and sporting, and there were bats. The main streamway chasm was even more impressive than usual, as a lively stream tumbled under the rock bridge, and soaked us all on the waterfall climbs. Alas, the ladder dig extensions were sumped (honest, guv), so the the trip was shorter than we'd have liked. Wendy and I attempted to lead our group out, but were left well behind by Ruth, Amber and Catherine who whistled up the climby bits before we had time for any of nauseating leader-like comments such as "if you'd like a rope for this next bit..." Meanwhile, James, Mike, Olly and Knobby wallowed in shit down Manor Farm. Excellent.
Tim Guilford