Oxford University Cave Club

Cave Research Group publication 14

1961 Oxford University Expedition to Northern Spain

1961 Expedition Report (CRG 14)

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Surveys, Figures & Tables


  1. The Expedition Base of Vega de Enol
  2. Runnels above the Refuge
  3. Lake Enol
  4. Resistivity surveying with the Nash and Thompson Geophysical Tellohm soil resistance meter
  5. Plane table surface surveying
  6. Measuring the pH of water with the B.D.H. Lovibond Nessleriser
  7. Surveying at the Bridge in Pozo Palomeru
  8. The Lake in Cueva de Orandi (P14)


  1. Map of speleological explorations
  2. Pozo Palomeru (P1) Plan
  3. Pozo Palomeru (P1) Projected Elevation
  4. Cueva del Viento (C15) Plan
  5. Cueva de Orandi (P14) Plan and Projected Elevation
  6. P9, P13. Plans and Projected Elevations
  7. P10, P11. Plans and Projected Elevations
  8. Cave of the Snow (C16) Plan
  9. P2, P3. Plans; P8 Plan and Projected Elevation


  1. Records of the Trema spring
  2. Records of the Vega de la Cueva rising
  3. Record of sinks catalogued
  4. Record of risings catalogued
  5. Record of potholes explored
  6. Record of caves explored
  7. Record of blocked entrances catalogued