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Club Caving Meetings, Trinity term 2012

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28th-29th April Yorkshire: CHECC rescue practise etc.   Brackenbottom / BPF TBA




12th-13th May 


South Wales   Whitewalls? TBA


19th-20th May Devon   Sth Dartmoor Bunkhouse TBA




2nd-3rd June Yorkshire: Pre-expedition  rescue practise .   BPF TBA





Accommodation: BEC: Bristol Exploration Club; Blackwalls: Tim's luxury chalet, Pwll Ddu; BPF: Bull Pot Farm; Chez Gregson: The Gregson's cottage in Bradwell; MCG: Mendip Caving Group; NPC: Northern Pennine Club; SMCC: Shepton Mallet Caving Club; SWCC:  South Wales Caving Club; TSG: Technical Speleo Group; UBSS: University of Bristol Speleological SocietyWessex; Wessex Caving Club; WSG: Westminster Speleo Group.

Cost covers: loan of equipment, transport, accommodation (most)  food on site, but not food in transit or what you spend in the pub! See here for more information.

Your first caving trip? Read this important information and complete an OUCC Pre-trip details form.

Going to the Dales? Going to Spain? Don't know the ropes ? - try SRT Training.

PLEASE help and volunteer to organise a weekend. If no-one organises the weekends they won't happen.
There is a detailed crib sheet on the website telling you exactly how to organise a weekend. TAKE A LOOK.

Other meets may be organised - please check at Wednesday meetings or via the OUCC mailing lists.

Olaf says:

Yorkshire, 28./29. April (1st week) If Brackenbottom is available, that would be great, the YSS hut is already booked out, but if everything else fails, there is always the farm. Those who consider it appropriate can attend the CHECC rescue practise, while the others first learn/refresh the basics on some SRT trips. So far, most of our novices have done one SRT trip, if at all. I'll book a Gaping Gill permit, as we haven't been there in the whole year and there are plenty of options for beginners (Bar Pot) and experts (Flood, Disappointment, ...). I'll not book anything for Sunday and have nice open shafts in mind (Alum Pot, maybe a rigging practise in Jingling, ...). If Fleur wants to come along, I might as well try to get her a Birks Fell Cavern permit...

South Wales, 12./13. May (3rd week). I'll get keys for Aggy and Craig a Ffynnon, I'll try to find a leader for Ogof Capel, and there is always Daren and probably some other good caves... (I really want to go to Llangattock, as I don't know the caves there very well, yet)

Devon, 19./20. May (4th week) I'll book South Dartmoor Bunkhouse, home of Devon's caving club. I'll also try to get a leader for Reed's Cave on Saturday and one for Bunker's Hole on Sunday, as well as a key for Afton Red Rift. The website also mentions this as "an ideal base for canoeists". Anyway, I've never been there and I'm happy for more suggestions. And sorry for leaving only a one week gap to the Wales trip, but hut availability is getting a bit of an issue.

Yorkshire, 2./3. June (6th week) Main rescue practise weekend at Bull Pot Farm. This fits so much better into the Oxford term times than the CHECC meeting in 1st week, plus our freshers will hopefully have done a bit of caving and SRT by then! I suggest Fall Pot in Easegill for a hauling exercise (good pitchhead, not too deep a drop, close to the entrances). There is also a nice loop of cave passages nearby, if someone fancies a bit surveying. I'll book Easegill permits for both Saturday and Sunday, and the BPC winch meet offers easy access to Gaping Gill, if anyone gets bored of rescuing...