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50th Anniversary: 1957 - 2007

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OUCC 50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary Dinner: Saturday 29th September


History of OUCC: Slide show / videos / talks, and tea and cakes and chat time. 2:30-5pm, Saturday afternoon, 98 Holywell Street. Richard Gowing (1957); Michael Walker (1961), Jim Sheppard (1969); Richard Gregson (the Xitu years), Tim Guilford (Ogof Draenen), John Pybus (the 90's).


6.45pm: Group photo: Garden/churchyard, St Edmund Hall.
Pre-dinner drinks in the senior common room , St Edmund Hall.
7.30pm: Dinner: ."Pontigny Room", St Edmund Hall .
Dress Code
: black tie or as close as possible. Neoprene ties / garters are acceptable, indeed, recommended.


Festivities continued at 98 Holywell Street

Sunday Pub Lunch

Was at the Gardener's Arms, Plantation Road.