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News: Last update: 22/10/09

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The table below list and links to reports of exploration in Ogof Draenen by OUCC and associates.  Other useful information can be found at:

Date Where What More Info ?
20/10/10 Yellow Van passage, Dollimore's Digging DTT 20.5
13/5/09 Grotto passage, Dollimore's Digging DTT 19.9, 19.10
22/1/09 Gerbil Run, Hexamine Highways Digging DTT 19.1
20/4/08 Gerbil Run, Hexamine Highways Digging DTT 18.7
15/12/07 Tractor Tracks Digging DTT 18.1
28/2/07 Hexamine Highways Description of original exploration by Tarquin W-J DTT 17.8
17/2/07 Hexamine Highways and area Further exploration in new leads off L.S. DTT 17.8
3/02/07 Dollimore series Digging - Pisspot passage DTT 17.6
13/01/07 Dollimore series & Last Sandwich Digging - "The Next Sandwich" & new leads off L.S. DTT 17.4
31/05/06 Life on Mars Digging DTT 16.7
17/5/06 Dogleg Complex & Yellow Van Digging and banging DTT 16.6
13/3/06 Dogleg Complex & Yellow Van Digging and banging DTT 16.3
1/3/06 Dogleg Complex Digging DTT 16.2
26/10/05 Gerbil Run Digging DTT 15.10
5/2/05 Big Country Rift digging continues DTT 15.3
30/1/05 (?) Big Country Rift digging DTT 15.3
29/1/05 Lucky 13 series New Grade 5 centreline surveying DTT 15.3
9/10/04 Big Bang Pitch to Nunnery New Grade 5 centreline linked to entrance series DTT 14.8
9/10/04 Dollimore series Digging in Rainbow Canyon DTT 14.8
4/6/04 Hexamine Highways The Gerbil Run DTT 14.5
24/5/03 Dollimore series Digging in Circus Maximus DTT 13.12
7/5/03 Dollimore series Digging in Yellow Van passage DTT 13.9
16/10/02 Dollimore series Digging in Yellow Van passage DTT 12.10
3/12/00 Snowball series Gone in the Head DTT 10.16
14/6/00 PDCMG meeting Various issues DTT 10.9
8/3/00 Three Amigos area Digging & filming DTT 10.5
8/3/00 Lucky 13 / Big Country Diesel pollution DTT 10.5
1/3/00 Three Amigos area Digging DTT 10.4
23/2/00 St. Giles area (far NW) various furtlings including a new sump ! DTT 10.3
30/1/00 TBA Digging breakthrough DTT 10.2
16/10/99 Big Country Breakthrough in terminal rift DTT 9.18
16/10/99 Snowball area Conservation taping and damage notes DTT 9.18
16/6/99 Surface "Second Entrance" : capping DTT 9.14
2/6/99 Prisoner of War series Climbing "Spanish Avens" DTT 9.13
12/5/99 PDCMG meeting "Second Entrance"; status update DTT 9.10
3/3/99 Wessex area Gooseberry Rift DTT 9.5
14/2/99 Surface "Second Entrance" piracy DTT 9.4
10/2/99 Surface "Second Entrance"; status update DTT 9.3
3/2/99 Surface "Second Entrance"; status update DTT 9.2
27/1/99 Surface "Second Entrance"; status update DTT 9.1
5/12/98 Wessex area / Wyvern hall "Blue Greenies" DTT 8.24
2/12/98 Balcony Pitch Ladder has broken DTT 8.23
25/11/98 Draenen Rescue Entrance Agreement reached to cap properly the second entrance. DTT 8.22
15/11/98 PDCMG meeting "Second Entrance"; status update DTT 8.21
7/11/98 Dollimore series Digging in Yellow Van passage DTT 8.20
7/11/98 Life on Mars Digging in the "Lost Aven" DTT 8.20
8/11/98 Surface Entrance trench; status update DTT 8.20
23/6/98 PDCMG Pwll Du Cave Management Group: Press Release DTT 8.16
13/6/98 Prisoner of War series More exploration DTT 8.15: notes on Gd5 survey: Survex data (Gd2), location map:   Survey of POW series
6/6/98 Pixey Mead area, St. Giles Blue Crocodile passage DTT 8.15
6/6/98 Prisoner of War series More exploration DTT 8.14
24 & 31/5/98 War of the Worlds "Prisoner of War" series - first exploration DTT 8.13
25/4/98 Waterfall series "One foot in the Grave" DTT 8.10
21 & 28/3/98 St. Giles area "Pixey Mead" Short Report: & DTT 8.10
22/3/98 Waterfall series "One foot in the Grave" DTT 8.9
14/2/98 Dollimore Series Cantankerous Surveyors - photography DTT 8.6
18/1/98 Dollimore Series Minor progress in "Out of the Blue" Short reports
30/11/97 "Life on Mars" More progress Short report
23/11/97 "Life on Mars" Digging Short report
12/10/97 Dollimore Series Digging in Yellow Van passage Short report
12/10/97 War of the Worlds Digging in The Black Run Short report
30/8/97 Dollimore Series Extensions near Hall of the One Short report: Includes Survex data
31/5/97 Dollimore Series Extensions at the end of Out of the Blue, and near Hall of the One Short report
24/5/97 Dollimore Series : CSS survey team find about 500m off Luck of the Draw (Thanks to CSS & surveyors for survey) Latest survey includes these passages
20/4/97 Dollimore Series Extension at the end of Out of the Blue Very short report
6/4/97 Dollimore Series Digging in Luck of the Draw Short report
24/3/97 Dollimore Series Digging in Grotto Passage and elsewhere Short report
9/3/97 Dollimore Series About 150m added in Luck of the Draw / Dogleg series Short report
8/3/97 Surface OUCC members assisted with capping the illicit second entrance  
22-23/2/97 Dollimore Series Camp moved in from WOW. About 200m of new passage in Luck of the Draw and Dogleg series. Yellow Van passage found to be active in high water, not a fossil overflow as was thought; implies choke at end of Into the Black is a big & solid one! DTT 7.4
1/2/97 Dollimore Series More passage explored around Circus Maximus. All open leads now checked out. Unstable section of the breakthrough dig now cleared out and made safe. Future generations will never know.... DTT 7.2
26/1/97 Dollimore Series Pitch found 19/1/97 didn't go far. Another route in this area, "Circus Maximus", got big and is still going. Breakthrough dig   dangerously unstable. Be careful, and take a big bucket. DTT 7.2
19/1/97 Dollimore Series Work in Dogleg series. Surveyed and connected to Luck of the Draw. New largeish south-going passage found - current end is 15m pitch into continuing rift passage. DTT 7.1
13/1/97 War of the Worlds 36m of progress (WOW!) in a festerous dig  
Late Dec Dollimore Series Photographic trip done for "Descent" article.  
21/12/96 Dollimore Series End choke in Yellow Van passage dug - 2m (!) of progress.  
19/12/96 Dollimore Series Yellow Van passage pushed 40m further to another choke  
18/12/96 Dollimore Series Out of the Blue pushed to the terminal choke. DTT 6.26
16/12/96 Dollimore Series Luck of the Draw pushed 150m further to a choke. Several side passages await exploration. Camp planned. MCG push "Piss Pot Passage" about 200m to choke. DTT 6.26
13/12/96 Dollimore Series 70m further in a draughting side passage to Luck of the Draw. DTT 6.26
7/12/96 Dollimore Series 600m continuation to "Luck of the Draw" - still going. Various side passages pushed off Luck of the Draw - several still going.  
23/11/96 Dollimore Series Second weekend's pushes. DTT 6.25
16/11/96 Dollimore Series Initial breakthrough.(pictures) DTT 6.24
6/11/96 War of the Worlds Digging boulder chokes DTT 6.23
26/10/96 Haggisbasher Haggisbasher I breakthrough: Haggisbasher II found DTT 6.22
19/10/96 Dambuster Dig (Southeast) Some progress DTT 6.21
29/9/96 Soups of the World (Southeast) Minor progress DTT 6.20
15/9/96 War of the Worlds Photography DTT 6.17
2/6/96 Sleepcrawler Some extensions DTT 6.16
5/5/96 Lost in Space Some extensions DTT 6.12
24/4/96 Sleepcrawler (and elsewhere) Sleepcrawler: initial breakthrough and exploration.
Notes on other digs and small extensions, inc discovery of Lost In Space and the start of the Last Sandwich dig..
DTT 6.10
17/4/09 Last Sandwich Dig Report on progress DTT 6.9
20/3/96 Hydrology Summary of and thoughts on Caves & Caving article. DTT 6.8
18/2/96 Pick-a-Styx aven (Last Sandwich) Minor progress to a definite end. DTT 6.5
4/2/96 Last Sandwich Minor furtlings DTT 6.4
28/1/96 Flytrap & Pick-a-Styx (Last Sandwich) Some progress DTT 6.3
21/1/96 Satanic Verse (Poetic Justice) Comic acts DTT 6.2
17/1/96 Blorens inlet, Satanic Verses, the Fly Trap. Updates DTT 6.1
18/12/95 Pick-a-Styx aven (Last Sandwich) Discovery and initial clearing DTT 5.24
5/11/95 Oxbow Alpha & Boys from the Black Stuff (Big Country) Discovery and exploration DTT 5.22
28/10/95 Big Country BEC discoveries -summary DTT 5.21
21/10/95 Big Country Discovery and exploration (BEC) DTT 5.20
14/10/95 "Near the entrance" Digging with Nig Rogers DTT 5.19
11/6/95 St Giles Clerical Error discovery and exploration (maypoling) DTT 5.16
4/6/95 St Giles Land of Mr Ugg - discovery and exploration DTT 5.15
28/5/95 St Giles New discovery by maypoling (snippet) DTT 5.14
21/5/95 St Giles Extensions to Wiggly Business DTT 5.13
7&14/5/95 St Giles Discovery and exploration of St Giles and Wiggly Business DTT 5.12
7/14/95 St Giles Brief note of discovery DTT 5.11
30/4/95 Rogered Senseless Discovery and exploration DTT 5.10
16&23/4/95 Elliptic Passage area Discovery and exploration DTT 5.9
15/4/95 Breadfruit Boulevard Pushing through the duck DTT 5.10
12/2/95 Strawberry Way Bolting up waterfall DTT 5.6
8/2/95 Hydrology Dye traces to resurgences DTT 5.5
22/1/95 Squirrel Rifts & Strawberry Way Minor furtlings DTT 5.3
7&8/1/95 South East & Strawberry Way Extensions DTT 5.2
12/94 Strawberry Way Discovery and exploration DTT 5.1
11/94 Life on Mars Discovery and exploration OUCC Proceedings 14