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  An Argument at Camp

Joanne Whistler in bikini at the beach in C4 (Paul Mann)
"Paul wants someone to help take pictures of the lake in C4", said Jo. Paul was still asleep. 

"Sump", said Rob. 

"What? No, the lake", said Jo. 

"Sump. It's a sump", said Rob. 

"So much cynicism in one so young", said Rhys. 

"The roof comes all the way down to the surface of the water, thus", said Rob in his inimitable Rob-like logic, "it's a sump and not a lake". 

"I think it's a lake", said Ali. "Says so on the t-shirt". 

"It's no use trying to explain logic to a South Wales digger", said Andy, having spent the night on the ridge with Nick Burcham. 

"Sump", Rob repeated, disgruntled. 

"I think it's a sump", added Ian to the debate.

"How would you know: you've never been there", said Alison.

"Neither have you", said Fleur.

An argument was developing. El Regallon 1997 looked to Nobby for leadership.

"Er, shall we have a sesh?" said Nobby helpfully.

JC decided to intervene. "It's both".

"What???" everyone asked simultaneously.

"It's both a sump and a lake. A sump at one end, a lake at the other", JC said in his triumphantly mediocre fashion.* Silence reigned.

"Great strawberry cheesecake, this", said Tim. And a great peace settled over the camp as the first gerbils became visible attempting atmospheric re-entry.
Tim Guilford

 * I did not say this. I said "Most sumps are small and are usually called sump-pools. C4's end is bigger, more of a lake than a pool, so it should be a sump-lake". Get it right. JC