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Reports on expeditions to the Picos de Europa (Western Massif) in Asturias, Northern Spain. Linked dates lead to the Expedition Reports.

 Expeditions to the area from 2013 onwards have not been OUCC expeditions, but have been operated by the "Ario Caves Project", a body not connected with Oxford University.

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Year Expedition Leader Main Discoveries and Explorations OUCC
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2019 Ario Caves Project 2019 David Rose Exploration of caves in the region of Vega de Ario and the hydrology of Cueva Culiembro    
2016 Ario Caves Project 2016 Mike Bottomley Exploration of leads in C4: further diving the terminal sump, climbs in upstream streamway and above the downstream sump.    
2015 Ario Caves Project 2015 Mike Bottomley Exploration of leads in C4, including diving the terminal sump.    
2014 Ario Caves Project 2014 Ian Holms Exploration of leads in Xitu.    
2013 Ario Caves Project 2013 Steph Dwyer Exploration of leads in Xitu.    
2012 Xitu 2012 Ben Hudson Exploration of leads in Xitu; double through dive from and to Culiermbro    
2011 Xitu 2011 Richard Gerrish Exploration of leads in Xitu. A separate expedition connected Culiermbro to Xitu by diving.    
2010 Sima de la Chapa Lorna Wilson Aim: Continued exploration of Sima de la Chapa: expedition returned early due to permit problems.  
2009 Julagua Nick Edwards Exploration of deep leads and diving in Sistema Julagua /  Asopladeru La Texa    
2008 Canal de Montico Yifan Huang Continued exploration of Pozo Chicago.    
2008 Julagua Hilary Greaves Cave diving in Sistema Julagua (non-OUCC, but closely related).    
2007 La Chica Dave Legg Continued exploration of Pozo Chicago.    
2006 Pozo Chicago Chris Sinadinos Exploration of  Pozo Chicago to -600m.    
2005 Asopladeru La Texa Gavin Lowe Asopladeru La Texa pushed at depth. beyond the "sump" (a pool!). Extensions in Pozo Chicago    
2004 Oston Paul Garver Shaftbashing. Further exploration of Pozo Chicago    
2003 Julagua Dave Legg Exploration of Pozo la Tormenta beyond -720m, linking to Asopladeru La Texa. Discovery of Pozo Chicago    
2002 Tormenta Chris Rogers Exploration of Pozo la Tormenta to -720m.    
2001 Xitu Richard Doyle Exploration in 12/5 and 1/5. 54/4 (Tormenta) found.    
2000 Ario Pippa Crosby 2/7: upstream pushed to C3/C4 sump (?). Choke Egbert bypass sought - unsuccessfully (!).    
1999 Extremero Jo Whistler 2/7: upstream pushed to "Viagra Falls".    
1998 Jultayu Jonathan Cooper 2/7: upstream pushed. Choke Egbert bypass unsuccessfully sought.    
1997 El Regallón Nathaniel Mumford C3/C4 sump bypass unsuccessfully sought. Canalizos explored. F41 explored. Proc 14  
1996 Gustuteru Pauline Rigby C4 connected to C3 forming Sistema Verdelluenga. D8 (Torca del Vasco) explored.   1996 Logbooks
1995 Boca del Joon Dave Lacey F64  and C3 bottomed.   1995 Logbooks
1994 La Verdelluenga Jim Ramsden F64 and C8 found and C9 (=C3) re-found and explored.   1994 Logbooks
1993 Cabeza Julagua Paul Mann 8/11, 20/11, 23/11 & 26/11 connected to form Sistema Cabeza Julagua. Pozu Optimisto re-visited.   1993 Logbooks
1992 Huerta del Rey David Monaghan 2/7: upstream pushed 1km. 66/5 and 53/3 explored.  8/11 (Pozu Cabeza Julagua) found.   1992 Logbooks
1991 Extremero Gavin Lowe 2/7: Choke Egbert bypass unsuccessfully sought. 53/5 (Cueva de la  Rana) found. Proc 13 1991 Logbooks
1990 Jultayu Sherry Mayo 2/7: Choke Egbert bypass unsuccessfully sought.   1990 - Logbooks
1989 Juracao Jon Tombs 2/7 pushed downstream to Choke Egbert; "London Underground" discovered.   1989 - Logbooks
1988 Las Brujas Lynn Smith 2/7 explored via "Just Awesome" to streamway choke Drusilla.   1988 - Logbooks
1987 Cuvicente Dan Mace 2/7 (Pozu Jultayu, Pozu del Ojo de la Bruja) opened up: explored to base of shafts.   1987 Logbooks
1986 Conjurtao Martin May 1/6 (Ridge Cave) and F20 bottomed. 2/6 connected to 1/6. Proc 12 1986 Logbooks
1985 Jultayu Steve Roberts 1/6 (Ridge Cave) and F20 found. 3/5 (Pozu las Caracoles) connected to 1/5.   1985 Logbooks
1984 La Verdelluenga Stephen Gale F7 connected to F2. 12/5 (Pozu la Cistra) connected to 1/5.   1984 logbooks
1983 Jorcada Blanca Graham Naylor F2  bottomed. F7 (Pozu las Perdices) found Proc 11 1983 logbook
1982 El Joon Graham Naylor Much shaft-bashing in the high Picos. F2 (Pozu Jorcada Blanca) found   1982 logbook
1981 Xitu John Singleton 1/5 bottomed at -1143m Proc 10
1981 logbook
1980 Ario John Singleton 1/5 explored to -859m.   1980 logbook
1979 El Cornion Martin Laverty 1/5 (Pozu del Xitu) found and explored to -354m Proc 9
1979 logbook
1976 Forcau 76 Martin Laverty Forcau, Osu, Covadonga and Rales caves Proc 8  
1975 Speleogroup Bill Collis Rales, Ribadesella, La Hermida  and Forcau Proc 7  
1974 OUCC-ENS Martin Laverty S and W of Infiesto, Covadonga, and Rales    
1973 OUCC-ENS Neil Boulton Rales, Ribadesella and  Covadonga Proc 6  
1972 OUCC-ENS Guy Cox West of the Sierra de Cuera    
1970 OUCC-ENS Jon Davies El Mazuco area    
1969 OUCC-ENS A G Brooks Castro Urdiales area Proc 5  
1968 OUCC-ENS Guy Cox Castro Urdiales area    
1967 OUENS J. Drake Castro Urdiales area    
1965 British Speleological... A.C. Huntington (BSA) Felmin area & Cangas de Onis area. British Expedition with 8 OUCC members. Proc. 4 BSE 1965
1964 Nottingham University..   Lago Eñol and Felmin areas, with OUCC members    
1963 OUCC-Derbys Mike Walker Lago Eñol area Proc 3 CRG 14
1962 OUENS Ken Mills Los Lagos and Covadonga area Proc 2 CRG 14
1961 OUENS Mike Walker Los Lagos and Covadonga area Proc 1
CRG 14

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