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Date Cave Work in progress Members
1/7/97 Expedition leaves Oxford
3/7/97 Arrival at Los Lagos
4-7/7/97 Top Camp established
7/7/97 C4 Entrance pitches rigged KDH, OJH, FB
8/7/97 C4 Rigged to Maria Rosa WGJ, JW, AMW
10/7/97 C4 Rigged to Hash Brown GL, OJH, FB
10/7/97 C4 Rerigging JW,AMW, KDH
11/7/97 C4 Rigged to Free n' Easy NJM, WGJ, JW
12/7/97 C4 Rigged to There be Dragons OJH, GL, FB
12/7/97 Area F Shaftbashing F44 KDH, NJM
14/7/97 Area F Location of F41/F80/shaftbashing GL, OJH, WGJ, AMW
15/7/97 Area F Shaftbashing GL, NJM
15/7/97 D7 Entrance rigged/breakthrough to 2nd pitch NJM, AMW
16/7/97 F41 Previous limit reached NJM, KDH
17/7/97 F41 Cave apparently bottomed in choked chamber GL, AMW
17/7/97 Area F F88 located/examined KDH, WGJ
17-18/7/97 C4 Rigging completed. Lake established as sump after leads checked with big light. NJM, OJH, FB, JW
18/7/97 F88 Entrance pitches descended KDH, NB
18/7/97 Area F Shaftbashing F28/F89/F90 GL
19/7/97 Area F Shaftbashing F90/F5b/F5c GL
19/7/97 F88 Rigged to Rastaman Redemption KDH, NB
20/7/97 F88 Surveyed to limit of exploration KDH, NJM, AMW
20/7/97 Area F Shaftbashing F18/F19 GL
20/7/97 F41 Survey IB, WGJ
20/7/97 F88 Pushing Rastaman Redemption OJH, NB
20/7/97 F41 Jolly/orientation practice ADK, JW
21/7/97 F88 Leads at base of Rastaman Redemption checked IB, WGJ
21/7/97 D7 Gardener's World descended ADK, NJM, AMW
22/7/97 F88 Exhausted leads at bottom of cave PH, GL
22/7/97 F41 Way on via alternative 4th pitch discovered JW, LM, AG
22/7/97 Canalizos #1 Entrance pitch rigged HJ, RBG
23/7/97 Canalizos #1 Cave extended beyond 'impenetrable' rift at limit of SIE exploration GL, HJ
23/7/97 F41 New route extended to head of big pitch AG, LM, JW
23/7/97 F88 Jolly - identified leads across head of Rastaman Redemption across traverse RBG, FAL, ADK
24/7/97 Canalizos #1 Cave extended by two further pitches to apparent sump. GL, HJ
24/7/97 Area F Shaftbashing F45a/F46 WGJ, JW, LM
24/4/97 F88 Vampire's Leap rigged and pushed RBG, FAL
24/7/97 F41 Ice Spider descended to choked floor AG, OJH
24/7/97 Area D Shaftbashing D9, D12, D14, D15 PH
25/7/97 Canalizos #1 Sump found to have drained (!) - extended into phreatic section and boulder choke ADK, OJH
25/7/97 Area D Shaftbashing D13-15 PH, IB
25/7/97 D20 Shaftbashing RBG, LM
26/7/97 Area F/D/6 Shaftbashing F91-93 GL, LM
26/7/97 F74 Shaftbashing IB
26/7/97 Area D Shaftbashing D16-17 PH
26/7/97 F88 Crossed Vampire's Leap to pitch into blind shaft PJH, FAL
27/7/97 Area D Shaftbashing D15-19 PH
27/7/97 F88 Survey completed RM, HJ, LM
27/7/97 F86(a)/F41 Shaftbashing F86/F86(a) and rigging in F41 for photography AG, JC, FAL
27/7/97 Canalizos #1 Examination of boulder choke GL, ADK
27/7/97 F41 Photography trip BL, TCG, AMW, RW
28/7/97 Area F Shaftbashing F94-99 GL
28/7/97 F41 Survey of extensions to head of last pitch JC, OJH
28/7/97 C4 Draft traced and all downstream leads tied up/detectors placed and flow volume measured AG, PH, BL, HJ
28/7/97 Canalizos #1 Digging boulder choke and exploring aven chambers TCG, LM, RBG
28/7/97 F88 Photography trip JW, PMM
29/7/97 Canalizos #1 Digging choke and placing line in sump area GL, JC, RW
29/7/97 D19 Descended two pitches to boulder chamber FAL, NJM, RM
29/7/97 F88 Pushed blind inlet beyond traverse and derigged cave HJ, AMW
29/7/97 Canalizos #1 Photography trip OJH, PMM, JW
30/7/97 D19 Explored choked leads/identified possible alternative route FAL, NJM, RM
30/7/97 Canalizos #1 Digging boulder choke/surveying Gerbilism/photography TCG, LM, RBG, AG, BL, ADK
31/7/97 C4 Photography trip/detectors removed PMM, JW, JC, RW
1/8/97 C4 Derigging Practically everyone but...
1/8/97 Area 8 Shaftbashing Pozu Xastre and 13/8 TCG(!)
2/8/97 Area F Shaftbashing F13 HJ, FAL
2/8/97 D20 Further pitch descended to end of cave BL, TCG, LM
2/8/97 Area F Shaftbashing F96 RM, NJM
4/8/97 Canalizos #1 Rigging in parallel shaft NJM, HJ, FAL
4/8/97 Areas E/F Shaftbashing - E14 identified JC, AG
4/8/97 Canalizos #3 Rigging entrance pitches TCG, LM
4/8/97 E12 Abortive attempt to move boulder blocking rift ends with Rob's head exploding RBG, RW
5/8/97 Canalizos #1 Rigged to base of parallel shaft BL, HJ
5/8/97 Canalizos #3 Cave conclusively bottomed. Possible alternative route identified through window TCG, LM
5/8/97 E14 Tubular Bells descended JC, AMW, AG
5/8/97 D19 Alternative route descended to aven chambers with drafting boulder floor NJM, RW
6/8/97 Canalizos #3 Pushing tight leads RBG, RW
6/8/97 Canalizos #1 Pushing leads at base of parallel shaft BL, HJ
6/8/97 E14 Digging squeeze at base of Tubular Bells JC, AMW, AG, LM
7/8/97 Canalizos #3 Clusterfer descended to Tortellini Streamway, with upstream sump and downstream rift JC, TCG, LM
7/8/97 D19 Pushed terminal lead and derigged RBG, NJM
8/8/97 Area F Shaftbashing around F96 JC, NJM
9/8/97 Canalizos #1 Push to window across final pitch in parallel shaft/begin to derig main shaft/epic BL, NJM, KAW, RW
9/8/97 Canalizos #3 Push rifts and survey all extensions RBG, JC
10/8/97 Canalizos #3 Derigging JC, KAW
11/8/97 Canalizos #1 Derig main shaft RBG, KAW, NJM
11/8/97 F41 Complete survey and derig JC, AMW
11/8/97 Canalizos #1 One pitch descended through window at base of parallel shaft, to head of 25m pitch BL, RW
12/8/97 D7 Push to third pitch and survey  KAW, NJM, AMW
13/8/97 Canalizos #1 Connection of pitch in parallel shaft to Clusterfer in Canalizos #3, survey and derig RBG, KAW
14/8/97 D7 Push to tight drafting rift at base of Misfit, survey and derig RBG, NJM
14/8/97 Top Camp Attack and definitively destroy 3 COWS
14-17/8/97 Top Camp - Los Lagos Huge loads carried back down the hill several times a day The survivors, especially KAW
19/8/97 Oxford Expedition arrives back to a very welcome homecoming party