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'Lou the Mad' - A Canalizos Digging Song

with apologies to Fairport Convention  

The song was recorded, at Top Camp shortly after it was written, on a Psion 3a - at least till it ran out of memory.
This audio gem is available as wma (162kB) and mp3 (233kB)

A boulder choke, a boulder choke, the first one of the year,
El Arbol came into the tent, the bullshit for to hear.
And when the bullshit it was done he cast his eyes about,
and there he saw little Lou the Mad, a-lying on the ground.  

"Come down with me little Lou the Mad, come down with me tonight.
Come down with me little Lou the Mad, and cave with me till light."
"I can't come down, I won't come down the cave which you will rig.
By the scars on your fingers I can tell it is Ben Lovett's dig."  

"Well what if it is Ben Lovett's dig - Ben Lovett's not at home.
For he is out on the Ario path, a-bringing the Bimbos home..."  
Ali Garman, who was standing by, and hearing what was said,
he swore Ben Lovett he would know, before the sun did set.

And in his hurry to carry the news, he ran straight up the crag,
and when he came to the Ario path, he wandered in the clag...  

Little Lou the Mad she lay down, by the stream that did a-burble.
When she looked up, Ben Lovett was brandishing his gerbil,

"How do you like my furry suit, and how do you like my dig?

How do you like my boulder choke, whose draught it is so big?"  
"Well I like your furry suit, and well I like your dig,
but better I like your boulder choke, with the draught that is so big."

"Get down, get down," Ben Lovett cried, "Get down as quick as you came!
It'll never be said in fair South Wales that I killed a dig in Spain."  
"Oh I can't get down, I won't get down, I can't get down for my life,
For you have two long digging tools, and I but a pocket knife."

"Well it's true I have two digging tools, and I borrowed them from Rhys,
but you shall have the better of them, and I shall have the least.  
And I shall strike the very first blow, and strike it like a man.
You shall strike the very next blow, and get through if you can..."    [recording ends]

Ben Lovett struck the very first blow, and knocked the keystone out.
(The pirates heard the cry too late, and boulders fell about.)
Then taking up El Arbol, and sitting him on his knee, said
"Which cave d'you like the better now, Canalizos or C3?"  

Well up and spoke El Arbol, never heard to speak so free,
" I'd rather dig this boulder choke than survey in C3."
Then Ben Lovett he jumped up, and loudly he did bawl.
He struck El Arbol through the heart, and pinned him against the wall.  

"A space, a space" Ben Lovett cried, "to stack these diggers in!
But bury Mad Lou behind that rock, in case the roof falls in..."