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"The Tankard"

The Club Tankard award is given to the most notable or notorious OUCC member of the year.  The collection of four engraved tankards is presented at the Club's annual dinner. The winner is expected to drain all the tankards (bucket provided). At four tankards we now need a big bucket...

2020 Nick Adams No Faff Caver  

pod with two of the Tankards, 2004
2019 Reuben Harding Masochistic Caver  
2018 Rory Rose Next Gen Caver See 1983
2017 John Williams The Lost John  
2016 Alex Diwa Bogan Caver  
2015 Oliver Robshaw Low Profile Caver  
2014 Thomas Leung Illiterate Caver  
2013 Olaf Khler 'Tab Caver (he's not the only one, mind.. not by a long way!)
2012 Vicky Lim &
Ben Hudson
Racist Caver &
Blues Caver
2011 Jamie Jordan &
Andrew Mawer
Bromantic Cavers  
2010 Paul Savage Joe Caver  
2009 Nick Edwards Problem Solver  
2008 Lorna Wilson Enthusiastic Caver  
2007 "This year is (un) intentionally blank", because we accidentally changed the tankard-year-numbering system.
2006 Peter Devlin Frustrated Caver  
2005 Gareth Phillips Loud Caver No need to plug your ears...
2004 pod Technical Caver  
2003 Lou Maurice Determined Caver  
2002 Simon Goddard Well Balanced Caver  
2001 Pippa Crosby Cute Caver
2000 Hilary Greaves Eclectic Caver
1999 Chris Densham "CD" As in Seedy. Very.
1998 Nathaniel Mumford Musical Caver Plug your ears...
1997 Lev Bishop Fearless Caver Leaps down deep shafts with a single bound! 
1996 John Pybus Laid Back Caver Still trying to decide which sock to put on first...
1995 Ursula Mead "Joie de Vivre"
1994 Sara Varty Total Hero
1993 James Hooper Over The Top Caver
1992 Rob Garrett Undergraduate Caver The only one we had that year.
1991 Sherry Mayo Well 'Ard Caver
1990 Tim Guilford Tourist Caver
1989 Gavin Lowe The Secretary
1988 Joan Arthur "Croak" Frogs rescued to order.
1987 Paul Brennan Expedition Non-Caver
1986 Dave Horsley Knowledgeable Caver "I know the secret of fire-walking", etc.
1985 Nicola Dollimore MS & D More Singing and Dancing, of course.
1984 Steve Roberts Flatulent Caver Is there no cure ?
1983 Phil Rose Masterbolter
1982 Graham Naylor Microspeleologist Still visible without the aid of a hand lens.
1981 Jan Huning Decorated Caver
1980 William Stead Mastercaver "I say, is this the Master Cave?"
1979 John Singleton SRT Man
1978 Martin Buckland Potholder
1977 Chris Danilewicz Wet Bedding Caver You don't want to know. Honest.
1976 Steve Tarrant Wet Caver
1975 Jason Clements Caveman
1974 Jenny Kirby Gourmet Caver
1973 Robin Willis Armchair Caver

First-hand accounts of the stories behind the titles are eagerly awaited and will be linked in.