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1958-59   Peter W. Crabtree (Oriel) *      
1959-60 Russell Sunderland (Queen's) Peter W. Crabtree  (Oriel) * Carola Anderson (LMH)    
1960-61 John D. Simnett (Zoology) W. John Crompton * J. Allen (Oriel)   Termcard
1961-62 Michael J. Walker (Univ.) Michael J. Walker (Univ.) *
Tim M. Cook (BNC) *
Ken J. Mills (Univ.)   Termcard
1962-63 Michael J. Walker (Univ.) Tim M. Cook (BNC) * Ken J. Mills (Univ.)    
1963-64 Tim M. Cook (BNC) Graham Stevens (Pemb.) * B.R. Webber (Queen's)   Termcard
1964-65 Graham Stevens (Pemb) R. K. Musgrove (New) * D.C. Robertson (Magdalen)    
1965-66 F.E. Saunders (Exeter) R. A. (Dick) Hazelwood (Ex.) * A.C.W. Robertson (Worcs)    
1966-67   Tim K. Cecil (Ex.) *      
1967-68 John Forder (CCC) A.G. Brooks (Worc.) * Jim Sheppard (Magd.)   Termcard
1973-74 Anne Morrison (LMH) Martin Buckland (Keble) Richard Catmur (SEH) Peter Friend (Hertford) Termcard
1974-75 Martin Buckland (Keble) Nick Coghlan (Queen's) Martin Laverty (BNC)   Termcard
1975-76 Jenny Kirby (Wolfson) Martin Laverty (BNC) Tony Moult (STC) Jason Clements (Exeter) Termcard
1981-82 John Singleton (St John's) Richard Gregson (Queen's) Paul Booth (Exeter) Jan Huning (St Anne's) Termcard
1983-84 William Stead (Univ) Philip Rose (Exeter) John Hutchinson (New) Steve Roberts (Wolf.) Termcard
1984-85 Philip Rose (Exeter) Silvia Dacre (Som.) Nicola Dollimore (St Hugh's) Sean Hodges (SEH)
Ramin Saraby (SEH)
1985-86 Nicola Dollimore (St Hugh's) David Horsley (Hertford) Geoffry Hogan Paul Brennan (Oriel) Termcard
1986-87 David Horsley (Hertford) Paul Brennan (Oriel) Daniel Mace (Wadham) Neil McHugh (St Anne's) Termcard
1987-88 Paul Brennan (Oriel) Jonathan Cooper (Trinity) Lynn Smith (St Hugh's) Mike Mead Termcard
1988-89 Paul Brennan (Oriel) Gavin Lowe (St  John's) David Monaghan (SEH) Sherry Mayo (St Hugh's) Termcard
1989-90 Tim Guilford (St John's) Gavin Lowe (St  John's) David Monaghan (SEH) Tony Seddon (St Anne's) Termcard
1990-91 Tim Guilford (St John's) Katya Reimann (St Hugh's) Paul Mann (St Anne's) Gavin Lowe (St  John's) Termcard
1991-92 Tim Guilford (St John's) Sean Houlihane (Balliol) [S]
Tony Seddon (St Anne's) [M]
Pauline Rigby (Queen's) Dave Lacey (Oriel) Termcard
1992-93 Sherry Mayo (St Hugh's) Katya Reimann (St Hugh's) [S]
Tristan Keen (Ch.Ch.) [M]
Mark Crossley (Univ.) Michelle Nickerson Termcard
1993-94 Tim Guilford (St John's) Jenny Vernon (Somerville) [S]
Chris Densham [M]
Paul Mann (St Anne's) Dave Bell Termcard
1994-95 Pauline Rigby (St Cross) Will Jeremy (Keble) [S]
Ursula Mead [M]
John Pybus (Queen's) James Hooper (Queen's) Termcard
1995-96 Will Jeremy (Keble) Maarten Krabbendam (St Cross) [S]
James Hooper (Queen's) [M]
Pauline Rigby (St Cross) Oliver Hilton (Keble) Termcard
1996-97 John Pybus (Queen's) Fleur Loveridge (SEH) [S]
Nathaniel Mumford (St Hugh's) [M]
Anita Milicic (St Cats) Alison Waterfall (SEH) Termcard
1997-98 Nathaniel Mumford (St Hugh's) Joanne Whistler (Jesus) [S]
Fleur Loveridge (SEH) [M]
Paul Mann (St Anne's) Andy King (St Cross) Termcard
1998-99 Andy King (St Cross) Richard Doyle (Keble) [S]
Joanne Whistler (Jesus) [M]
Paul Mann (St Anne's) Lev Bishop (Queen's) Termcard
1999-2000 Chris Densham Hilary Greaves (St Cats) [S]
Richard Doyle (Keble) [M]
Paul Mann Lev Bishop (Queen's) Termcard
2000-01 Chris Densham Alison Waterfall (SEH) [S]
Hilary Greaves (St Cats) [M]
Hilary Greaves (St Cats) Simon Goddard Termcard
2001-02 Chris Densham Alison Waterfall (SEH) [S]
Pippa Crosby (Somerville) [M]
Hilary Greaves (St Cats) Simon Goddard Termcard
2002-03 Hilary Greaves (St Cats) Rosa Clements (Somerville) [S]
Paul Garver (SEH) [M]
John Pybus (Queen's) Matthew Balaam Termcard
2003-04 Paul Garver (SEH) Eleanor Packham (Mansfield) [S]
Sarah McCullogh (LMH) [M]
John Pybus (Queen's) Matthew Balaam
Rosa Clements (Somerville)
2004-05 Gareth Phillips (Univ) Matthew Robinson (Wadham) [S]
Simon Goddard [M]
John Pybus pod (Chris Cooper) Termcard
2007-08 Chris Day Yifan Huang (Queen's) [S]
Peter Devlin [M]
  Rick Padfield (SPC) Termcard
2008-09 Chris Day Nick Edwards (Oriel) [M]   Rick Padfield (SPC)  
2009-10 Paul Savage (Worc) Andrew Mawer (St Anne's) Simon Goddard   full list
2010-11 James Jordan (St Anne's) Vicky Lim (Regent's Park) Simon Goddard   full list
2011-12 James Jordan (St Anne's) Vicky Lim (Regent's Park) Simon Goddard Ben Hudson (Regent's Park) full list
2012-13 Vicky Lim (Regent's Park) Thomas Leung (St. Anne's) [S]
Olaf Kähler [M]
Jeremy Welch Ben Hudson (Regent's Park) full list
2013-14 Ben Hudson (Regent's Park) Thomas Leung (St. Anne's) [S]
Lukas Fischer-Wulf  (St. Anne's) [M]
Jeremy Welch Jamie Jordan (St. Anne's) full list
2014-15 Thomas Leung (St Anne's) John Williams (Pembroke) [S]
Alex Diwa (Magdalen) [M]
Jeremy Welch [Snr]
Oliver Robshaw (Wadham) [Jnr]
Emma Preedy (Christ Church) full list
2015-16 Thomas Leung (St Anne's) John Williams   (Pembroke) Jeremy Welch [Snr]
Oliver Robshaw (Wadham) [Jnr]
Olaf Kähler (Engineering) full list
2016-17     Jeremy Welch [Snr]
2017-18 Will Iveson (St Hilda's) Rory Rose (Trinity)  [S]
Rosa Clements [M]
Jeremy Welch [Snr]
Thomas Leung full list
2018-19     Jeremy Welch [Snr]
2019-20 Rory Rose (Trinity) Nick Adams [S & M] Jeremy Welch [Snr]
Linh Chi Nguyen (St Anne's) [Jnr]
Thomas Leung full list
2020-21 Rory Rose (Trinity) Sarah Day (Somerville)
Rosa Clements [S & M]
Jeremy Welch [Snr]
Linh Chi Nguyen (St Anne's) [Jnr]
Vlad Catanea (Balliol) full list
2021-22 Sarah Day (Somerville) Isobel Innes (ChCh) [S]
Rosa Clements [M]
Jeremy Welch [Snr]
Mabel Rice (Univ) [Jnr]
Vlad Catanea (Balliol) full list
2022-23 Isobel Innes (ChCh) Fiona Zhang (Queen's) [S]
Rosa Clements [M]S
Jeremy Welch [Snr]
Mabel Rice (Univ) [Jnr]
Vlad Catanea (Balliol) full list

( * As recorded in the OUCC Meetings Book, 1958-68: scanned page)

Officers are normally voted in in the AGM in Hilary Term of each year.Time in post generally runs from Trinity term following the AGM to Hilary term the following year.