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AGM Hilary 2002 


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Steve Roberts, Chris Densham, Hilary Greaves, Alison Waterfall, Paul Garver, Chris Rogers, Anita Milicic, John Pybus, Simon Goddard, Tim Guildford, Lou Maurice, Matthew Balaam

Meeting Started: 9.10


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Matters arising
  3. Officer's Reports
  4. Elections
  5. Discussion of code of conduct and risk assessment
  6. Approval of risk assessment
  7. Feedback from OU Sports Federation on Incident Bureaucracy
  8. AOB

1) Apologies:

Pippa Crosby, James Hooper

2) Matters Arising:

From the previous AGM:

Steve has now written a better constitution

From the TGM:

The building of a new hut is now a dead issue. There is a possibility the Clubs committee may be moved from Bevington Rd.
The SRT training took place.
The equipment log and rope numbering system has been started

The minutes of the last TGM were passed.

3) Officer's Reports


Asked for people to let her know if they wanted to come to the annual dinner

Meets Secretary (absent):

Nothing to report

Treasurer: (see separate sheet):

The van has been abandoned. The van account owed money, and the club has paid these people back. We are trying to get a supplementary grant for van costs.

The student membership fees have gone down to £10. It was suggested that we should call the student membership the standard membership and to change the names of the country members, e.g. standard, senior and affiliated. Hilary can decide on the appropriate names.

The novice membership on the novice trips was free this year. We should add on membership fees onto the first trip. The novice trips made a profit anyway.

The Ario 2000 accounts are still not closed. Hilary received the accounts from Paul, but they don't entirely make sense to her. Pip has volunteered to tie up the loose ends. People's debts have been transferred to the club.

The accounts for President's Invite 2000 turned up recently, having been lost. The accounts had been sorted out by finding people from the photo. Everyone was happy with the accounts not being redone.

The treasurer's report was accepted.

Gear Officer:

Nothing to report. Simon thanked everyone who did things with the ropes. He is standing down as gear officer.

In future, at the Michaelmas TGM, the gear officer should present a gear tally and statement saying that the gear has been checked. The inspection should take place after the expedition.

One of the long ropes should be chopped into a few 50 metre lengths.

Lamp Post:

There are 3 lamps that Paul trusts. It would cost about £35 pounds for an LED and headset. The new lamp post can investigate these and report at the next meeting.


Nothing to report. Hilary requested Descent and Caves and Caving should be brought to the meetings on Wednesday evenings.

Van Man:

(see treasurer's report)

Expedition Leader:

They still have the best lead in the Picos. He is giving an expedition talk next Wednesday.

4) Elections:

The following people were elected to the posts:

The Loris will be elected at the dinner.

5) Discussion of Risk Assessment and Code of Conduct

Risk Assessment:

The Sports Federation were impressed by our risk assessment.

The risk assessment was approved.

Code of Conduct:

The previous version of this was discussed at the last meeting. There is now a changed version. Howard Jeffs tried to get more into it, and wanted it in a format close to the standard template. It has now been rearranged to agree with the standard template as much as possible. A few things have been added, such as information on the national body, and a sheet for committee members to sign. The wording on safety has been changed but the gist is the same.

They (OUSF) wanted us to fill in the yellow forms but they have now conceded on this. We need to decide on a form of words as to whom is allowed to lead complete novice trips.

The position of safety representative has been added. They should liaise with the sports federation, report at the AGM, and be responsible for safety related and first aid training sessions.

We have a complaints procedure.

There were no other major changes

Novice Trips leaders:

There was a discussion of how we should decide on those people allowed to lead novice trips. There were a number of suggestions such as:

A few people weren't keen on the idea of lists. We were heading towards a system where the committee and ex-committee members on a weekend must approve the people leading the trip. However this puts more onus on people.

It was decided to form a subcommittee to decide on this. This will consist of Steve Roberts, Chris Densham, Tim Guildford and Hilary Greaves. The formation of the subcommittee was passed.


Steve has written a constitution. This is adapted from the OUMC constitution, which is based on the OUSF template. There is a version on the web, which we should discuss at the next meeting. The provisional version has been accepted by the OUSF.

Some people were unhappy about the paragraph saying that on dissolution of the club the assets shall be distributed according to the directions of the university. However the university will insist on having the final say in how the club's assets are disposed of if the club is dissolved. Could change to put 'in a manner acceptable to the university'.

Where the template mentioned full members of the University, this has been changed to matriculated members and employees.

7) Incident Bureaucracy

The University are now happy.

We should make sure people know about bottom belays.

The point was made that the time that people previously spent discussing accidents, e.g. what went wrong, in meetings was now spent discussing bureaucracy. However an awful lot was discussed for the university via email. Hopefully once all code of conduct etc. is done the bureaucracy will be reduced.

8) AOB:


Meeting closed: 11.15pm