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TGM Trinity 2004 

Wednesday 26th May 2004 (inquorate)

Minutes, etc.

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On Wednesday 26th May 2004 seven cavers gathered in Wadham, to hold a Termly General Meeting, but were scuppered by the pesky constitutional requirement that a meeting have at least 8 members present. So, here follows a record of what was said, which can hopefully be ratified by a full meeting where enough members are present.

Therefore, without further ado...

Present: Steve Roberts, pod, John Pybus, Rosa Clements, Chris Fernau, Gareth Phillips

Apologies: Jonathon Cooper, Simon Goddard, Paul Garver, Keith Hyams, Chris Densham

Matters arising from Hilary AGM:

  1. Transfer of the balance of Doyle's Expedition to the Special Projects Fund: John Pybus will chase this up.
  2. Relocation of Clubs' Committee: pod will talk to Simon Goddard and Matthew Balaam.
  3. AC Irvine fund: Climbers receive a general training grant - could this be extended to cavers? Not expedition-specific.
  4. PL insurance: SGR has tried to ask Andy Hadcroft, no reply yet. We're basically covered for everything until someone says otherwise.
  5. Proc 14: John Pybus to be prodded into getting on with it - some hard copy needs to be picked up from Pauline.
  6. Fitting helmets out with lights: pod and John Pybus to look at this.
  7. Parties for freshers: To be organised next term, 4th/5th week was suggested.

Officers reports:

President: President's invite will happen, weekend of 4th September. All past and present members welcome.

Librarian: Some books and journals have been acquired as usual. Some unwanted items have been sent to the BCRA archives.

Meets Sec: Weekend meets have been running successfully, but someone needs to offer to organise 6th and 8th weeks. John Pybus offered to organise 6th week.

Treasurer: Accounts show a £500 deficit, but is owed and owes various amounts of money, so should in fact be about even after buying new kit. Trips have been subsidised by about £500, mostly to cover rising costs of transport. Funding from OUSF - we usually get £350, asked for £450 last year and got £250. They are due to review this, but we don't know what the result will be. John Pybus to reapply for funding and ask for a one-off grant. Charging of freshers' trips needs reviewing - what is fair? John Pybus to look at costs and charges in the past, and report back for a decision to be made. Steve Roberts suggested freshers could stick their badges wherever they liked. John Pybus mandated to buy a club badger.

Secretary: We have been asked to reaffiliate to the CCC (inc NCA). This has been done, rejoined CCC but not the NCA as we have membership through NCCC.

Gear: pod has done a stock take - we have 7 helmets, 3 working lights and one broken one, 8 fleeces, 3 usable oversuits and 2 repairable. The hut is a mess, pod will tidy it up after the expedition leaves.

AGO: to remind pod termly to sort a ropewasher out.


Steve Roberts said we should send money to PDCMG for their insurance costs, but only for this year because they'll forget if we send money for two years. We should give a little more than asked for goodwill, as we cave a lot in Draenen. £15 was suggested.

To clear up any confusion, Gareth is in fact the Chair.

We still have nowhere free and near a decent bar for speaker meetings - most club members have been bothered and found nothing, St Catz was suggested, Matt Robinson to ask Gavin about this.

OUSF have termly meetings which someone from OUCC should attend - announcements go out on their mailing list, the secretary should monitor this.

It would be useful to have club email addresses so contact details are permanent - we already own the domain oucc.org.uk - John Pybus to look into the possibility of adding an MX record to the DNS and hosting mailboxes.